Discover an Easier Way to Move!

(3 Options for Busy Women)

Option 1- The Book

Moving for Busy Women
5 stars

Feeling overwhelmed as you struggle with purging your clutter, holding a garage sale, finding a reliable mover, packing hundreds of moving boxes, and organizing a million more details?

Hi! I’m Sheila Martin, author of the book, Moving For Busy Women. I wrote this book to help you manage all the details of a big move, and to reduce your stress with a simple, step-by-step plan. You’ll go from overwhelmed to organized in just a few hours. It’s the ultimate moving tips resource.

You can pick up Moving For Busy Women at Amazon and begin reading it right away. As one reviewer said, “a few minutes reading this will revolutionize your move.

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Get Organized with Pretty Printables

(You can store these in a binder, for easy access!)

Option 2 – 29 Printable Checklists + Planners + Labels

In the “Moving for Busy Women” book, I talk about the forms and labels I created for myself to simplify my move.

They worked even better than I’d hoped for! Now, you can get your hands on them too, and simplify your own moves. (This one and the next and the next after that.)

29 pretty Checklists + Planners + Labels to organize every step of your move. And they’re ink-friendly too! Click here to see more samples

Kitchen Packing Labels

The Smooth Move System Video Course

Be a Moving Superstar! Get the entire system!

Option 3 – The Video Course + Printables

If you’re a visual learner, The Smooth Move System Video Course + Printables was designed for you! Get all the great organization tips & strategies found in the Book AND all 29 checklists + planners + labels. And you can come back to the course at any time (for all your future moves).
Moving Course on iPad

What Would Make YOUR Move Easier?

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