Moving soon? Don’t let it be like the last time!

You Can Go from Overwhelmed to Organized in 5 Simple Steps

You’re a busy woman

You’re already juggling work and home and family and personal care and more. Trying to do it all. How on earth are you going to deal with purging your clutter, holding a garage sale, finding a reliable mover, packing a mountain of boxes, and organizing a million more details?

Hi, I’m Sheila Martin … writer, publisher and lover of color-coded systems.

I get a kick out of the excitement of moving to a new home, but I was fed up with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and CRAZY for weeks before and after the move!

So I created a simple, step-by-step system to keep myself organized and calm … and the movers said: “Wow! I wish everyone had a system like this.”

Does This Sound Like You?


You love to be organized, even if you don’t always achieve your own high standards

You recognize the value of planning & systems and are excited to learn new skills


You get a kick out of planners & checklists (and maybe even color-coding!)

You are so darn ready to make this next move go smoother than the last one

Introducing ... The Smooth Move System

A 5-Step Video Course + Printables

Pretty, printable Checklists + Planners + Box Labels 

Because moving without a system is just waaaay too stressful!

A System That Fits You

In Step 1, you’ll get all your tasks and “to do” items inside a Single Trusted System (uniquely yours).

  • The Best Free Traditional To Do List Software
  • The Best Free Mind-Mapping Software
  • The Best Free Kanban Software
  • The At-Home Corkboard System
  • Best Free “Getting Things Done” Software

Speed Through Your Tasks

Now that you have chosen your trusted organizing tool, it’s time to put your Smooth Move System to the test:

  • Set up Your Smooth Move Binder
  • The Elements of a Great Task List
  • How to Schedule Utilities & Services‘ Ends and Starts
  • How to Inventory Your Possessions
  • Get Your Copy of “The Monster” Task List

Purge & Pack Like a Pro

Discover tools and techniques for better packing, and for reducing what you have to pack, with smart purging

  • What’s the Next Easiest Thing to Do?
  • How to Purge & De-clutter the Easy Way
  • Moving Sale Success Secrets
  • How to Pack Like a Pro
  • The Savvy Storage Planner
  • What MUST Go into Your “Open Me First!” Boxes

Survive Moving Day

You’ve done some awesome preparation. Now it’s time to take charge on the toughest day of all!

  • How to Find the Right Movers … and the Most Important Questions to Ask Them
  • What to Pack in Your Vehicles (and What Not To)
  • Strategies for your Final Packing & Final Cleaning
  • Your Departure Day Plan!
  • The Walk-Throughs
  • Your Arrival Survival Plan!
  • How to Minimize U.O.S. (Unpacking Overwhelm Syndrome)

Settle into Your New Home

Hooray! You’ve made it! Your new life is about to begin. In this short step you’ll find:

  • Your Unpacking System
  • Thundershirt to the Rescue (for anxious pets and kids)
  • Tips & Suggestions for Getting Comfortable in the New Place
  • An Invitation from Sheila
  • An Old Irish Blessing

Takes the stress out of moving

So comprehensive! You will never miss a thing using this guide to help you move. I will be using the checklists for when I move, and following many of the guidelines Sheila sets out. I love her review of the software and suggestions of ways of being more organised, not just useful for moving, but in general. You don’t realise now much there is to think about until you see it all laid out!

Dakini Whispers

Sneak Peak of the Printables

Checklists + Labels Galore

In the Smooth Move System, you’ll learn about the forms and labels I created for myself to simplify my move.

They worked even better than I’d hoped for! Now, you can get your hands on them too, and simplify your own move. (This one and the next and the next after that.)

29 pretty Checklists + Planners + Labels to organize every step of your move. And they’re ink-friendly too!

Watch the video below or click here to see some samples.

Can I watch the videos on my iPad, tablet, or smartphone?

Yes! Our membership site is mobile-friendly, so you can watch the videos on any of your devices. (Okay, not in the microwave or the washing machine!) For the best experience, we do recommend a larger screen size.

How long are the videos? (Long videos make me fall asleep.)

I agree! That’s why I made sure to keep each video short and sweet. (Like me! 5’0″) The average video is just five minutes long.

Do you offer refunds?

We do! Most producers of downloadable content don’t do that, but we want you to be completely comfortable about making your decision to buy. If you didn’t see any value in the videos or printables, just send your receipt to us and we’ll take care of your refund. 

A must-read if you’re moving house!

The author has created a “Smooth Move System” and is teaching us how to create our own system that best suits our personal style. I’m a perfectionist, so this is very, very helpful. She explains every single component of the moving process in great detail. My favorite chapters are “How to purge & declutter” and “How to pack like a pro.” 

Claudia Svartefoss